• The Magency Solution presents...

    Reviewed basic modules - Exclusive functionalities.

    WHO'S WHO functionality

    Networking for JFD 2016 (Digital Women's Day)

    • Digital Women's Day

    • 3,000 plenary participants

    • Paris, France


    • Making interaction easier between 3,000 participants.


    • Who’s who for a photo chart of the people present.

    • Private inbox to schedule meetings about the event.


    • 1,800 messages exchanged/200 appointments made.

    • Friendly networking ensured!


    SPEED MEETING functionality

    Cohesion and interaction at Safran


    • Integration seminar

    • 400 participants

    • Plenary + 4 workshops

    • Safran University, France


    • Creating relationships between new employees. 


    • 5 speed-meeting sessions to set up introductions.
    • During each session, the speed meetings made it possible to meet a random person in the room, thus encouraging employees to discover the Safran group.



    • Introductions made within each business line, thus meeting the group's goals
    • 30% of time was saved compared to standard situations
    • A friendly event all round!

    DOCUMENT functionality

    Autonomous and informed participants for the inauguration of Fab House


    • Fab House 507 inauguration
    • 120 participants 
    • Paris, France


    • Informing participants throughout the journey to discovering the new Fab House 507.


    • Provision of the following at key times of the day:
    • Programme of the event
    • Biography of speakers
    • Site map
    • QR Codes to be scanned for more information<<
    • Messages sent to all participants via notifications in the app.


    • 520 documents opened
    • Documents updated in real time
    • Updates from one day to the next
    • Always the right document at the right time
    • Notifications sent for changes made to the workshops

    QUESTION WALL functionality

    A participatory forum for the RATP


    • ING forum
    • 900 participants 
    • Paris, France



    • Creating exchanges between the audience and the stage.

    • Maximising involvement for all 900 participants.


    • Moderating questions, quick trend feedback thanks to the likes and instant broadcast of broached questions.

    • Multiple Q&A sessions lasting 5 minutes to keep attention spans up.


    • 8 Q&A sessions.

    • More than 50 questions asked per speaker and

      9,500 likes in total.

    • The most acclaimed questions were answered according to the number of likes.

    PIN IT functionality

    Upward communication at Areva

    • Areva
    • 35 participants/training sessions
    • France


    • Resolving the group's international positioning issue.



    • Thanks to Pin it, employees could pin the places where they had worked for Areva directly on the map.

    • They could not see other people's pins on their own iPads.


    • Live discovery by the audience of the map with the worldwide pins.

    • Thanks to this activity, Areva was able to show its international positioning.

    PHOTO STORY functionality

    Functionality exclusive to Magency for creating a friendly vibe

    • Vinci Convention

    • 550 participants

    • Madrid, Spain


    • Turning the workshop into a creativity hub, to feed Vinci's 20-year horizon and make it happen.


    • With our Photostory, each team illustrated its vision of Vinci's future in the form of a photo story.


    • A fun and creative workshop, with deliverables that helped the Executive Board bounce back and develop Vinci's vision.

    GROUP PAGE functionality

    Concrete actions and innovative deliverable for Airbus

    • Airbus seminar

    • 110 participants

    • Paris, France



    • Pushing participants to formalise concrete actions with a view to deploying a strategic plan.



    • Creating groups of 5 people per business line.

    • Guided by a template, participants developed actions and used photos as illustrations.

    • Deliverables were shared and exchanged between the groups,

      with a score given for the best ones.

    • Feedback on the best deliverables and comments from the Executive Board.



    • The scores made the most relevant deliverables stand out

    • Quicker feedback and summary

    • Collective emulation thanks to the involvement of the Executive Board and participants.


    Concrete actions and innovative deliverables for Airbus

    • P&G event

    • 140 participants

    • Geneva, Switzerland



    • Organising an outdoor treasure hunt with no Internet connection.


    • Use of the Quiz, Documents and QR Code scanning functionalities to answer questions and discover new documents offline.


    • Fun and innovative activity

    • A tool that goes beyond the use of Internet.